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Buying stuff

Where can I buy them?

Right here. Just click on our ‘BUY NOW’ and complete the ‘Shopping Basket’.
For other stockists look under ‘Store Locator'.

How much?

Extra Large and Large £14.99, Medium £12.99, Small £9.99.

Which size for me?

Easy. Check out the size chart in the store.

How do I pay?

Also very easy. By credit card, debit card or by using your PayPal account.

Are there any postage and packaging charges?

Absolutely none (unless you live outside United Kingdom). All post and packaging is free.

How soon wilI I receive my order?

Depending on where you live, UK within 3-5 days of confirming your order.  Overseas orders slightly longer.

Will you deliver to my work address/business office?

No problem, Just tell us what delivery address you want and we’ll get them there just as soon as we can.

How can I get in contact with you?

Find all our details under the ‘Contact us’ section of this web site. Or telephone customer support on 01625 505919 (ask for Armadillo). Or e-mail howcanwehelp@armadillo-sports.com

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Technical stuff

Why is it multi-plated?

Being multi-plated means Armadillo protection is very flexible and easily follows the natural shape of your leg. The overlapping plates of this protective ‘second skin’ actually work together to help reduce the harmful effects of impact energy.

How does it work?

Basic physics. Impact energy is transmitted more efficiently through a single layer structure. Not good! So Armadillo uses multiple layers of plates – featuring ‘air gaps’ between each plate – to act as ‘break points’ and prevent impact energy from being transmitted evenly throughout the whole structure. The plates ‘collide’ with each other during impact so energy is lost as friction and is dissipated in all directions. The result is a large reduction in the amount of harmful impact force reaching your skin and muscle tissue.

What makes it different from existing shin guards?

Shin guards provide a single, solid layer of protection to the front shin bone area of the leg. Armadillo’s unique lightweight, multi-plated structure has been designed to protect the vulnerable areas at the rear of the leg – the areas that shin guards don’t cover.

Can I wear them as shin guards?

No. This particular Armadillo system is designed to offer unique protection exclusively to the rear of the lower leg…including the calf muscles and Achilles tendon.

How should they be worn?

Armadillo protectors are designed to be worn under a fully fitting sock and are placed at the rear of the leg to cover the calf muscles down to the Achilles tendon, just above ankle height. 

What injuries can they protect me from?

The Armadillo system will help protect you from cuts, scratches, bruises, abrasions or more serious injuries to your calf muscles and Achilles tendon…the sort of injuries you pick up as a result of kicking, stud impact, stud raking, stomping or other impact encounters during play.

How much protection do they provide?

Armadillo protectors provide suitable levels of protection against most impacts to the rear of the leg, helping reduce injuries like bruising, cuts, grazes and abrasions. Test results prove that Armadillo ‘plates’ help protect against stud impact and reduce harmful impact energy by more than 30%. Of course, no item of personal protective equipment can guarantee the prevention of injury or completely eliminate the possibility of accidents. The aim is to reduce the transmission of impact energy in an effort to help reduce the risk and severity of an injury.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Yes. Very. Armadillo’s multi-plated structure is ergonomically shaped to follow the contours of your leg, so it doesn’t really restrict or inhibit natural movement during use. The materials used also mean you’ll remain cool, dry and comfortable. It’s very lightweight too, weighing less than 50 grams,

I play football and rugby - can I wear them for both?

Absolutely. The Armadillo system is suitable for use in any type of field sport where impact to the rear of the leg is a risk and a probability.

Have they been tested for safety?

The Armadillo system has been independently tested by a specialist organisation called SATRA and is scientifically proven to reduce the force of energy impacting the body. The Armadillo product carries the CE mark and is fully compliant with the safety requirements for personal protective equipment under the EC Directive 89/686/EEC

What are they made from?

State of the art, technically advanced materials. The plate units are made from Aridite which is strong, durable, extremely lightweight and able to absorb moisture from sweating before cooling to regulate temperature. The lining is a fabric called Trek-Dry which draws moisture away from the skin as body heat increases and accelerates drying. Together they provide superior levels of comfort, moisture control and performance.

Where are they made?

Armadillo products are designed, engineered and tested here in the UK, then manufactured – to our exacting specifications – at our facility in China.

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Practical stuff

Can I wash them after use?

Simply wipe them clean with a soft, damp cloth or sponge using lukewarm water. For stubborn stains use a soft brush to remove the serious dirt and then wipe again with a cloth. Do not machine or hand wash, submerge or soak the product in hot water.

Can I tumble dry them?

Not a good idea. Tumble drying can damage the product. After wiping, simply allow Armadillo protectors to dry naturally in a well ventilated area. Don’t dry them on or near sources of direct heat like radiators or household heaters.

If they are damaged during use, can I use them again afterwards?

Damage could reduce the protective performance of this product so it must be regularly checked for signs of structural deterioration. Superficial surface scratches or indentations where the protective plating is not punctured are okay, but if there is noticeable degradation or significant damage to the structure of the protectors, e.g. holes, tears, rips or cuts, then they should be replaced.

How long do they last?

If looked after properly the Armadillo protectors do not have a specific expiry date. If the product is visibly damaged or its condition has significantly deteriorated, its performance will be greatly reduced and it must be replaced.

When do I need to replace them?

The products will need to be replaced if they are damaged or if their condition deteriorates to the point where their levels of functionality and protective performance are significantly reduced.  

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General stuff

Who are Armadillo Sports Design Limited?

We’re a small, private company in Macclesfield, Cheshire. But don’t let our size deceive you. We’re aiming to carve out a substantial presence in the sports body protection market…in the UK and globally.

How long have you been developing products?

It’s taken quite a few years to develop this concept and complete our exhaustive testing. The Calf and Achilles Protector is the first product released to the market.

Are there any other products available?

Not yet, but several other designs are almost at production stage. Watch this space for future launches…very soon. Better still, register on-line and we’ll email you with news. 

Are they suitable for children?

Yes very suitable for wearing in any sport where the calf could be injured by contact. See size guide.

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