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The SATRA tests

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SATRA is one of Europe’s leading test facilities for personal protection equipment and safety accreditation. Check-out how the boffins put Armadillo through its paces…

The problem
One single layer of material is not very effective at providing impact protection. Some of the ‘shock’ shoots straight through!

The answer
Overlap layers of Aridite® so when they ‘bump’ together, impact energy is lost as friction and dissipated in all directions!

The test
Simulate muscle with Repsil E30, protect with a pair of Armadillo Calf & Achilles Protectors, monitor with a Tekscan pressure mapping system…then strike with a 900g cylindrical brass mass! See test!

The proof
Armadillo Calf & Achilles Protectors reduced the force by 70 Newtons!