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Armadillo’s cleverly shaped overlapping plates are made from Aridite®…a high-tech microporous polyethylene silica membrane.

In everyday speak that means they’re incredibly light and very flexible. And because of the ingenious construction, they’re amazingly good at helping protect the back of the leg from the cuts, the bruises and the abrasions we get from stud injuries.

That’s the tough outer shell. On the other side is a soft Trek-Dry® anti-microbial lining to absorb perspiration…which then evaporates away through the Aridite® plates. So you stay cool, dry and very comfortable.

It really is as simple as that!

Armadillo Calf and Achilles protection…

  • Helps protect against the risk of sport injuries like cuts and bruises from stud raking
  • Reduces harmful impact energy
  • Instantly moulds to the contours of your calf for effective leg protection
  • Super light and amazingly comfortable body protection… weighs less than 50 grams
  • Wipes clean in seconds