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Who are we?

Good question. Well, we’re sports nuts who realised that playing regular football, field hockey and rugby was leaving us looking like the walking wounded (only sometimes walking was a lot easier said than done). It was affecting our working lives too. And the culprit – as often as not – were the cuts and bruises down the back of the legs!

So we set about teaming up the brains that could design and produce the ideal protection. That was some time ago and it’s taken until now to agree the perfect design, test the cutting edge materials, then get independent accreditation to confirm that we’d cracked it.

The PFA have given us the thumbs up. Premiership pros will soon be wearing Armadillo. And many of the other major sporting bodies are now waiting for us to complete development of a full range of body protectors so that rugby, cricket, hockey and lacrosse players can take better care of themselves too.

Watch this space…